Saturday, November 27, 2010

Get Naked at Twin Brook!


Naked Chardonnay back on the shelves just in time for the holidays, tree trimming (just WHERE is that handprint ornament from 1995??), and a little something to come home to after cattle chute shopping. Is there really a better way to relax? Well, maybe with a little Spice Wine...

Holy revelations, Batman!
We received a few cheeses to sample for holiday pairing from the Town Clock Cheese Shop in Gap, one of which was a Mango Ginger Stilton. I automatically went for the Vignoles, which paired great, but the Spice Wine took the cake! Hoping we are able to get some more of that in the tasting room for December. Trust me, you just have to come in to try it for yourself, honest!

Winding down, Consiglieri and 2008 Merlot will not be much longer for public enjoyment. Sadly, we are down to our last few cases of each, so find your way in to grab some before it is all gone. I am positive I can speak for many, the '08 Merlot will be sorely missed! I appologize for not blogging about this sooner, but it had gained quite a "cult" following before it was even bottled.

Back to the Naked Chardonnay!
Why naked you ask? Well, in case you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing a naked chard., it is not fruit that has been bruised in the buff... just aged in a steel tank, no oak. It retains all of the delicate taste of the fruit, with a crisp dry edge. Still a little green around the edges, this Chardonnay has the potential to carry on the lighter yet very fruity depth of our previous vintages. Available on the shelves now, it will be even better just in time for holiday company.
Wait, better saved for yourself after the company has left? Hmmmm...
Nope! This is a wine worthy of the great company I will keep! (YES! That is a shout out to my wonderful friends and fam alike!)

Get in to visit us! We have a nice selection of wines to fill any list; dry, off dry, and sweet.

We LOVE to tell you about wine! Just ask, and we'll help you choose the perfect variety.

Well, it may be an unsubstantiated rumor - but I thought I MAY have overheard Tim mention that Springhouse White was soon to be bottled??? He may put the kibosh on this later. Maybe it is ME who is starting the rumor??


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